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This series does not have a checklist on the reverse side, but each card has a pasted on sticker that describes the scene, either with a pre-printed text or a handwritten note.

The following are cards from my collection:

View from Arsenal Tower Looking Northeast
View from Long Hill looking up River
City Library
Trinity (M.E.) Church, Bridge Street

C.W. Johnson Postcard

Hello! I have recently come to own a C.W. Johnson Postcard that is marked "C.W. Johnson, 128 Orleans St. Springfield Mass. Hand Colored Photograph No. 17". It is a Beautiful Floral. I haven't seen any other florals by him, but I haven't found information or pictures of many others. Do you know any collectors who might be able to tell me a little more about it?, and how much of a treasure I have come across? Truth be told, even though I sell on eBay - If I have come across something rare, I'd consider it a treasure and keep it for myself. If you can drop me a line with anything you know - I'd greatly appreciate it.

C.W. Johnson

There is a man named Jack Hess who lives in East Longmeadow, MA. He is currently working on compiling a list of stereoviews and postcards done by C.W. Johnson. You might want to try calling him - I don't know his number. I don't think he emails much.

I wouldn't say that the card is necessarily rare, from what I understand Johnson was a Springfield-area photographer who eventually began specializing in photographs of floral displays.

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