Bill and Shaw's Block in 1878

Bill and Shaw's Block in 1878

This is a 1878 photo of several city blocks, often known as "Bill's Block" (named after Gurdon Bill), or "Bill & Shaw's Block". The businesses pictured are

  • W.D. Kinsman, who sold hosiery, gloves, linens, etc.
  • Springfield Conservatory of Music.
  • J. Wallach & Co., who sold hats.
  • F.S. Parmenter, who sold dry goods.
  • J.S. Hurlbut, a dentist.
  • T.S. Kinsman, who also sold hosiery, gloves, linens, etc.
  • McKnight & Norton, who sold dry goods. This was run by W.H. McKnight.
  • J.D. McKnight, who sold carpets

The latter two businesses are important in Springfield history, because W.H. and J.D. McKnight went on to become builders of what is now known as the McKnight neighborhood, and also a portion of the Forest Park neighborhood. They are Springfield's most famous builders.

This block stood where Tower Square is now located, on the west side of Main Street, between Bridge and Boland Way (then known as Vernon St.)

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Bill & Shaw's BlockBill & Shaw's Block