Emmanuel Congregational Church

Emmanuel Congregational Church

This church once stood at the corner of White and Orange Streets. I identified the photo in two ways; first, the sender of this postcard mentioned that she lived at 175 White St., and that the church was across the street. Second, she mentioned that Mr. Means was the preacher, and a check of the 1910 city directory confirms that Mr. Means was the pastor of Emmanuel Congregational Church.

The church was built in 1907 on land previously occupied by the congregation's chapel. The congregation moved to the corner of White & Sumner in 1927, and the building was sold in 1928. I don't know when it was demolished.

Emmanuel Church

I just found a lot of items pertaining to this church. All are from around the dedication in 1909 including a mounted photo, postcards, newspaper clippings and 2 dedication programs. Any interest in them? I am listing the lot on ebay if you are.

city directory

Are you interested in selling it?


this is a little off subject but if you ever need i have a 1860,s city directory for springfield ma,

Location of Emmanuel Church

The Emmanuel Congregational Church was located on the present site of the Little Panda Chinese Restaurant/Lift the Latch bar.

Which corner at White and Orange was this church located?

At which corner was this church located? The one with the shops? The one with the gas station? The one with the Panda restaurant? (I doubt it's the fourth one.) My guess is the one with the shops because there is so much empty space behind them.

As for what happened to the church, I can't find any newspaper articles about it's closing.

Yes, Orange

Yes, you're right -- thanks for pointing that out. I always seem to get those two streets confused. I have made the correction.

Church on White Street

I think you mean the church was on the corner of White and Orange Streets. Oakland Street doesn't intersect with White Street.

Emmanuel congregational church

I am really glad to see a picture of this church as I had done some research last year that led me to the church but I never could find a picture. I was given a marble plaque with names on it that led me to this church or its earlier mission church. the plaque said

In Memorium
Cyrus O. Kibbe
Donor of Our Library


Mrs. Harriet C. Doane
Whose Generosity Freed this Church from Debt

Cyrus Kibbe was a carpenter who lived at 109 allen St with a shop at 9 Willow St

White Street Congregational was organized in 1888 and became Emmanuel in 1894.