Forest Park School

Forest Park School

Forest Park School was built in 1899, at the corner of Garfield & Oakland Streets. When it was built, Oakland Street did not extend to Sumner Avenue. The school was expanded in 19XX, and in 19XX the third floor was removed. It now houses a middle-school population.

when was it buikllt??????

when was it buikllt??????


i am from 2039

Mr. Pasini, Principal

In my 7th or 8th grade, I was running down the hall to go downstairs to the cafateria when I kicked the door, shattering the glass and subsequently severing my artery in my leg. Mr. Pasini saved my life. I haven't been back to springfield since 1978 and I haven't seen him since. I would like to thank him for keeping a level head and saving my liffe by having an ambulance come and rush me to the hospital where I received many stitches.

Bob Pasini

The Pasini's were neighbors of mine in 16 Acres, and I am sorry to say that Bob passed away a few years back. He was a great guy.

My father

Thank you for your kind words about my father. Over the years I have been left in awe of all the stories i have heard and it NEVER ceases to amaze me how many people this man helped throughout his life. I am VERY thankful to be his son and also to have known my fathers friends and heard all the wonderful stories about my Dad. I'm glad he was there to help you.

p.s. He kept his cool all the time from because of his daily experience with his eight devious children who also broke many MANY windows in our home as well at our schools. Hahaha. Thanks again.

class attendfance for 1977

I wewnt to Forest Park Jr. High School during my 7-8th grade in 1975-77. I would like to know if my teacher, Mr. Watson,Robert, still works there