Historic Preservation and Researching Your Home

Researching Your House

If we live in old houses we often become curious who lived here before, when they lived here and general things about the history of our homes, even early pictures of our houses.

In the early 1980’s. Ed Lonergan of the local history department of the Library and Museums Association wrote a very fine short book called “A Guide to researching Springfield Buildings” on how to research your building in Springfield. The book is still very accurate and usable and is a great resource for researching the history of your home.

The book can be found in it’s entirety on the Springfield Preservation Trust’s website which is springfieldpreservationtrust.org . Go to the website, resources section, and go down to books on line.

The Springfield Preservation Trust is Springfield’s non-profit Historic Preservation organization. It is dedicated to preserving Springfield’s built environment and its historical buildings. The Trust has been serving Springfield since 1972. Its website tells about current projects and events as well as a list of contractors who have been recommended by members. There are many links to other Preservation and historical organizations and wbsites in the area.

Any questions about Springfield, historic preservation or restoration can be directed to the Trust. There is also a very comprehensive Resource Library for doing restoration research that is available by appointment.

Thomas Horton

My research has shown I'm a descendant of Thomas Horton.I am hoping someone can send me some information on him and the part he may have had in the founding of Springfield.Having lived in the south all my life and never visited the area,I'm interested in finding out if my research is factual.Anyone who can enlighten me on any facts concerning this matter,please e-mail me.Thank you.

Thomas Horton

I am also a descendant of Thomas Horton and have researched the family back to the year 1300, I would be glad to help with any questions.


Charles and Mina Hall Family 1874-1878

I am transcribing a correspondence (1874-1878) of a close relative of the Hall family and would like to have some photographs identified. They are from several photography studios in Springfield and hope to find someone who could help identify these people. I am especially interested in Cora Hall, the daughter of Charles and Mina. If you can help me, please contact me at my e-mail address. Thank you!!

Hall Family

I rent to a Mildred Hall and her two daughters, Lalita and Syndia.
They are nice tenants who live in Springfield on St. James Blvd. 01104.

Hall family

Is this the same Charles Hall who started Hall Galleries of Steiger's Dept. Stores? I knew the granddaughter of that Charles--her married name was Mary Brown. Not too helpful, I suppose.

203k rehab loans

anyone have any experience with 203k streamline loan?
we are purchasing one of springfields historic homes and are going to use this type of loan for purchase and repairs. would like to here other peoples expieriences.

my 1820 house in Springfield, ma

I am interested in getting information on ways of obtaining assistance in restoring and preserving a beautiful 1820 house I have in Springfield, ma. I believe my home is one of the oldest home in the city of Springfield and I it have a lot of interesting original features as well as renovations that has been done in recent years. Please let me know who to contact for information and assistance

Thank you

1820's House in Sptringfield

A good source of information about old houses and restoration and the restoration community in Springfield is at springfieldpreservationtrust.org there are lists of good contractors that others have used and been pleased with as well as links to ways of researching your home. Where is your home? Write this website with specific questions or feel free to email me at jimboone@hotmail.com

I am looking for the history

I am looking for the history on my home and or land my home is on.
I have had strange things happen, but I need more information.

where do u live?

where do u live?

Historical photos

Hi! My relative was Mr Dwight Winter, Springfield Mayor in the 20-30's? I have several photos of Springfield parks, bridges etc. that probably hung in his office and would like to give them to the proper people. Thank you Nile

Hi Nile, I know you wrote in

Hi Nile, I know you wrote in 2011, but I just read it now. My husband's grandmother worked for Mayor Winter. If you still have photos please let me know, thanks.

Historical Photos

You can call cliff McCarthy at the Archive Library at the Woods Museum at the Springfield Museums. His number is 263-6800 and ask for Cliff. If you would prefer i could also take them to him. Where are you located. Jim Boone jimboone@hotmail.com

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I have read a few good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting.
I surprise how much effort you set to create the sort of wonderful informative website.

Need historical info. & financial assistance to restore house


I have a big, beautiful old house, which initial construction is dated 1820'. I am interested in finding historical information on the house as I heard that is a very interesting one. I am also interested in exploring resources and government assistance in restoring the house. The house is located on Union Street and is within one of the Historic Districts in Springfield.

Please let me know in you have any information on these issues or what else can I do to get in contact with someone who can help me.

Thank you. bdeleon_181@yahoo.com


Need historical info

Need address of house to help. Jim

Springfield Police Badges

Looking for antique Springfield Police badges for my personal collection. Also Springfield Armory Guard badges. Contact me at mchlcooney@yahoo.com. Thank you.

33 Continental Street and 71-73 Main Street

Hi. I am from Indiana and I have been trying to research my paternal grandfather and great grandparents who lived in Springfield, MA. from at least 1887 until my grandfather's death in 1963. I have very little information on that side of my family. My great grandparents, Harry Edgar and Katherine Gibbs lived at 33 Continental Street. I found a fairly recent photo online of what was once their home. They owned the Gibbs Piano Company, located at 71-73 Main Street. I tried Googling the address, but found no information or photos of what is there now. Does anyone know who I can contact to find out any historical information or photos of their business or anything else about their lives in Springfield? Thanks.

Harry E. Gibbs et al

I did a quick Springfield newspaper archives search on your great grandfather and found a number of entries with reference to the music company, his involvement in establishing bands, his home in NJ, etc. If you don't already subscribe to an archive that features Springfield newspapers, I would urge you to do so and search for the names. Do not used the website's recommended searches for "Last name" and "first name" but type the entire name in quotes such as "Harry E. Gibbs" in the search box.
Obviously you could do the same for any other name or address. By the way, the piano company moved from Main to Dwight St.

Harry E. Gibbs

Thank you so much for your time and your reply.

It is true that old houses

It is true that old houses have always been fascinating. If we live in such an old house which was built years ago, we will be very curious to know about the people who lived before. It was interesting to read how our home can be taken as a research piece. for more details

Springfield Turnverein on Round Hill (Plainfield St.)

I grew up in West Springfield in The 1950's. My Dad was a German immigrant with a close connection to the German community and to the Turnverein. I spent a lot of time there as a youth at the gymnasium, parties, and picnics. My dad even served as steward for a spell in the 50's. It was a very historical building and a shame that it was destroyed to make way for Rte. 91. The rooms were opulent with marble fireplaces and carved woodwork. I remember a bar that was 20 feet long and the "big hall" that must have had a dance floor 50 x 100 feet, and a 2 lane bowling alley in the basement where I set pins on Monday nights for the "Holzhackers" and Teusday nights for the "Gut Holz" bowlers.
Prior to becoming the Turnverein it must have been one of Springfield's most prominent mansions, yet I am unable to find any info on it. It was located on Round Hill and accessed from Plainfield St by a long curving uphill drive. It overlooked the Round Hill Drive-in and one could watch movies from the second floor. The Greek Orthodox Church was on the other side of it. If you could direct me to any info I would greatly appreciate it. I am particularly interested in it's history prior to becoming the Turnverein.
Speaking of history, my mother grew up on Lebanon St in a neighborhood that was also home to the Blake brothers(Friendly Ice Cream) and Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss).

Contacting the Springfield Historical Society

I have an historical document dated 1805 and having to do with "The Great Bridge over Connecticut River". I want to donate it to the Society but no where does it tell me how to contact them. What is their email address? Can anyone help? Richard M Sanderson toptoad4@yahoo.com Thanks.

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